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This is the most intense incense on the market, hands down.

Dragon Spice Aromatic Potpourri contains natural fruity essences and extracts which when exposed produce an authentic and rich fragrance. They are considered a convenient and simple way to lightly refresh your home. Break open the contents of the pack and empty into a small container and let the natural fruity fragrance envelope the room. Dispose of the packaging materials responsibly. This product is not designed or intended for human consumption. Dragon Spice Aromatic Potpourri is not suitable for burning or smoking. Do not inhale the smoke that is created if this product is burned. Do not use this product in any incense burning equipment. Thedragonspice.com and the manufacturers of this product take no responsibility or liability for incorrect use or misuse of this product.

The value of the item is in the collectible container, not its contents. The container has not been opened and any incidental contents are not intended for consumption.

All products are Sold for ethnobotanical research




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